Work Doc Image Header: Should be able to customize with images from account library

Should be able to attach company images for a work doc header. The images provided are not relevant to my team.

Its shocking that this isn’t already a feature. Why would we want generic images at the top of our Docs? You can already add images to forms, why wouldn’t that feature be here too.

Please add this in, Monday!


This is a surprising and silly limitation. Boooooooo. Def upvoting this.

While this is definitely not a high priority feature for me, I am still baffled that this is not possible.

Especially when working together with clients in projects, small things like these can make a difference.
It helps our team to appear more professionally and also affects the way the client experiences the software.

Features like these are an easy win/win for users and

I was searching for this option also, keeping on company’s format it is important in most of the company I work with… please add

Agreed. I haven’t used this feature because the way it works currently, it would not be adding any value to company data/info/docs.

This is implemented now. Awesome.

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