Workday formula returning zero when using TODAY()

Hello! So I’m using a formula to track how many days someone has been in training. It’s a pretty simple IF statement that uses a few date columns: Training Start and Training End. What I want to see are, IF training is complete (Training End has a date), the number of workdays it took and if it’s not complete (Training End is empty), how many workdays it’s been so far. Here’s what I have:

IF({Training End}<>"",WORKDAYS({Training End},{Training Start}),WORKDAYS(TODAY(),{Training Start}))

What I’m finding is the formula works fine if the Training End has a date in it, but if training is still ongoing and there’s no date, it just returns zero. Which is weird b/c the start date is clearly before today. I should mention that both of these date columns are actually Mirror columns pulled in from different boards, don’t know if that makes a difference.

Also tried troubleshooting this a bit and just wrote
WORKDAYS(TODAY(),{Training Start})
and it worked perfectly. Only when paired with the other part of the formula does it return zero.



I’ve tested your formula and had no issues. Then read further and tested again with mirrors, still no issues.

At this point, the next things I would check would be to confirm that the mirror columns are referencing actual date columns and see if there might be an issue regarding the connect boards columns connecting to multiple boards.

If that didn’t pan out, I would contact monday support:

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