WORKDAYS/NETWORKDAYS Calculate Days Off Excluding Weekends and Holidays

I would like to exclude weekends and holidays when calculating time off. I have tried this formula:

NETWORKDAYS({Start Date}, {End Date}, ARGS2ARRAY(“2023/01/02”, “2023/20/02”, “2023/29/05”, “2023/06/19”, “2023/07/04”, “2023/09/04”, “2023/10/09”, “2023/11/23”, “2023/12/25”))

However, I am receiving an invalid formula notification. Please help!

Hello @tcedarwilson ,

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You can use this:

NETWORKDAYS({Date 1 }, {Date 2}, SPLIT({Holidays}, ","))

Where Date 1 is holiday start, Date 2 is holiday end, and Holidays is where the Holidays are listed.

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Hope this helps!

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Thanks so much Giannis!

I tried this but received an error message on the formula column. The Start Date is the beginning of the staff vacation and the End Date is the end of their vacation. The “dates” I entered are the list of our holidays.

NETWORKDAYS({Start Date},{End Date}, SPLIT("
01/02/2023", “01/16/2023”, “02/05/2023”, “02/20/2023” “05/29/2023”, “06/19/2023”, “07/04/2023”, “09/04/2023”, “10/09/2023”, “11/23/2023”, “12/25/2023”)

I am doing something wrong??

Hi @tcedarwilson

We have solved this by implementing WorkDays Calculator in Make - integrating with Monday Board.


  1. Add/Subtract Days
  2. Input number of days
  3. Input customized holiday list

If you are new to Make, signup using below link:

To implement the workdays calculator in 30 mins, reach out to us @ Calendly - Msquare

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