WorkForms- Prefill Form Using Existing Item Data for Field Service Reports


Our national sales team is currently using as a CRM to handle new customer onboarding and to track our field service for customers once they have become an active customer. Our team handles the direct sales of our products to our customers and we have equipment that is loaned to these customers to use in their facilities. Our sales team functions as a hybrid sales/field service team and we have many locations that require monthly or bimonthly service on the equipment. We would like to fully implement to cover the process from sales to field service but we have had a few roadblocks that hold us back.

We have an onboarding board that receives data from our New Account Form on JotForm to create a new item when the form is submitted. Once onboarding tasks are complete, those customers move to a customer list for each sales region. When the customer is added to the customer list, an item is created within each sales rep’s field service scheduling board based on the assigned person in the column. Currently, this board allows our team to track planned service dates and to manually upload a service report PDF. This slows down our efficiency and has drastically affected the implementation of the service boards for our team as a CRM.

I’d like to request a few features to be added to WorkForms that would allow our team to finally use for the entire CRM process.

  • We would like to be able to complete a WorkForm by searching for the existing item name within the service board and simply updating the existing item for each service visit using prefilled information from the existing item. This would allow our team to fully submit service reports from within without entering redundant information into the form for each service visit.

  • To fully implement this service report into our workflow, we would additionally need the ability to view a form response that eliminates empty fields from the response. The current version of the WorkForms does not hide the empty fields on the form responses view even though the field was never shown to the user when they submitted the form. Exporting as PDF would be a plus and would allow us to print these responses for the customer.

  • Finally, if possible, we would like the ability to add titles or paragraphs of information between item fields that would only appear on the form when submitting. This would allow us to explain information, provide instructions, and provide statements that would allow us to accept form submissions for contracts or agreements.

We love and we would like to see it grow to become a fully fledged CRM for our team. We’re no longer limited by the automations or the columns, we simply have not been able to find a forms integration that fits our needs for our sales and field service team. I have tried many of the form integrations and apps without any success with meeting our needs for our team. We have been using JotForm integrations but we are limited by the supported columns and the lack of pre-fill features on their forms.

We believe that many of these features will improve WorkForms and would be applicable to many users. We would appreciate the opportunity to work with your team in the development process if these features are deemed to be of value to others.

Thank you.