Wow Customer Experience Hackathon! ( February 5)

Join our product and development team for our WOW Customer Experience Hackathon!

On February 5th builders from all over the world, will be coming together to solve as may improvement requests as possible. We want to kick of this year with a focus on improving our customer experience!

Here are some examples of the type of features our team will be trying to solve:

  1. I expected this button to do X, but it actually does Y.
  2. This text color makes it hard to read.
  3. This layout doesn’t work well on my small screen.
  4. I don’t understand this description.
  5. I wish I could access this feature from the left menu too.

Any more ideas for experience improvements? Share them below and join our Facebook community to get LIVE updates from our hackathon on February 5th.

Its unfortunate that Facebook was chosen for this event, as many of us are highly uncomfortable exposing our personal information to that platform for many reasons that are well known. As such, I will be unable to participate.

Hi Cody!

You are also able to follow along with our LIVE dashboard via zoom. The information that we update with in our global facebook group we also make sure to include here!