404 error on column_id: "group" - API version 2023-10

Hi! On the beginning, sorry for selecting the wrong category but every time I tried to select any tag I got 400 error (You supplied invalid parameters to the request: limit). So if it’s possible just move it to the correct one :slight_smile: Thanks!

I’m trying to get all items from one of the board groups in 2023-10 Api Version.

Items page documentation says that’s possible

Filtering items with specific date column values, in a certain group, and are not assigned to yourself

{column_id: "group", compare_value: ["new_group12345"], operator:ANY_OF}

here’s the full query from the docs

query {
  boards (ids: 1234567890){
    items_page (query_params: {rules: [{column_id: "date", compare_value: ["2023-06-01","2023-06-30"], operator:BETWEEN} {column_id: "group", compare_value: ["new_group12345"], operator:ANY_OF} {column_id: "people", compare_value: "assigned_to_me", operator:not_any_of}]operator:AND}) {
      items {

But when I’m testing it in the playground I get an error that “column” not found.

  "error_code": "ResourceNotFoundException",
  "status_code": 404,
  "error_message": "Column not found",
  "error_data": {
    "resource_type": "column",
    "column_id": "group",
    "board_id": 1111111111,
    "error_reason": "store.monday.automation.error.missing_column"

Also in the Column docs I cannot find any information about the “group” column.

So what should I do to get all items from the selected group?

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