A Formula for different hourly rates depending on the option selected?

Here’s a screenshot of the board, with circles around the column titles that will be used in the formula.

The goal is:
When an employee selects a different option from the “Type” column, the rate of pay will change.
SEO = $20 per hour
Social Media = $15 per hour
Graphic Design = $15 per hour

The formula I have so far that works for only one hourly rate of $15:
ROUND(MULTIPLY(({Time CW}/3600),15),1)

What I need help with is making a formula that gives different rates, $15 vs $20, depending on if I choose “SEO”, “Social Media”, or “Graphic Design”:
ROUND(MULTIPLY(({Time CW}/3600),20),1)

IF(Type=Social Media)
ROUND(MULTIPLY(({Time CW}/3600),15),1)

IF(Type=Graphic Design)
ROUND(MULTIPLY(({Time CW}/3600),15),1)

The goal is for the formula to have 2 different rates, and only one of them will activate at a time depending on the Type chosen.


This could be done many ways. Here’s one:

ROUND( MULTIPLY(({Time CW}/3600), SWITCH({Type}, "SEO", 20, "Social Media", 15, "Graphic Design", 15, 9999)), 1)

Note: the 9999 is the rate that would be used if the Type is not found. This could be 0, 20, or whatever you want.

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That worked perfectly! Thanks so much!

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