A guest within your organisation is forbidden under terms

Hi. I’m looking for advice.
I’ve been an early adopter of Monday since the DaPulse days and have been championing the system for a number of years, however…

Yesterday I had a chat with the Monday team who informed me that our account was being reviewed as I was not allowed to have guests within my organisation i.e people who share the same email domain. And that my 60 (approx) ‘guest’ users must each be moved to a member account at a cost of £7 per user per month. Apparently it’s in the terms that ‘guest’ users must be outside of your organisation. I’ve not found that in writing yet. And that the way I’ve been using Monday has revealed a ‘loop hole’.

Currently we use the monday system to post progress on jobs and ‘guests’ can comment via email. I’ve assigned guest roles to members of our wider team who may wish to make comments on specific jobs/projects. That’s all they need to do.

Needless to say that this pricing change will make the Monday system too expensive for us to use and we’ve now made the steps to find an alternative.

I’m interested if any other users have had this issue.

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@nath Welcome the Community!

Its unfortunate that this issue is the reason you’re here for the first time :frowning: I can’t imagine how frustrating this would be.

It is listed in the monday.com documentation:
How to Get Started as a Guest – Support

I know that doesn’t make the situation any better or resolve the issue for you, especially considering the length of time you’ve been a monday user.

That being said I don’t think anyone on these forums can directly help, although maybe they can escalate this and make sure you are communicating with a monday account rep. At the very least they can offer any alternate options with your best interest in mind. @TRB-monday.com might be able to help escalate this.

My only thought is possibly switching your Guest to Viewers? If you can provide more details on how exactly your Guest interact with your boards, maybe we can figure out a way for them to still communicate without costing you so much extra.

Hope this helps!

Hey @nath!

Thanks for posting. Like @andrewalmand mentioned, it is the monday.com policy that guests must have different email domains from the person who created the account originally.

That being said, is there any chance you can direct message me with your email address that you use in monday.com? I’d like to look into this further and see if I can escalate or at least investigate.

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Thanks @andrewalmand. I wonder if the rule that Guests could not be within your organisation was introduced AFTER we committed time/ resources to using Monday.

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Thanks. I spoke with our Monday Rep today and it’s looking like we cannot agree on a reasonable solution. Going from £9 to £960 per month is not a viable option for us. Gutted it came to this after working on the system since 2017.

We have the same problem.
We are a Centre of 50 people and use Monday to manage our work, but we are part of a university with over 9000 staff all using the same domain. We collaborate on many projects with other university staff. We need to be able to invite them as a guest onto relevant boards, but we don’t want to give them full access nor pay for an account for them as they are not part of our centre nor are they our staff. Making our boards shareable is not a solution either as we all use all our boards, so they need to be main boards.

Hi @nath and @Allison :wave:

I can absolutely understand why this could feel frustrating after we began to enforce the rule that a guest must have a different email domain.

The idea for Guests is that they are meant to be people who are external to your account, such as clients, freelancers, etc., which internal coworkers would not fit into the category of.

While you may have added your account before we began enforcing the rule, it was technically still in the requirements for a guest to need a different email domain, which is why that access was lost after we began to enforce it.

If you would like, you are free to open a feedback post showing support for same domain guest users! - Feature Feedback Page

While I know this is not what you were maybe hoping to hear, I hope this helps!


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