A large questionnaire

So I am doing a CRM for a medical clinic. We want to send people to a specific form with a large questionnaire. I have signed up for the Jotform app and am building it there. The thing is, I would rather not have every answer to the questionnaire in my board. I would like to have 10 of the main points and then all the specifics when you open the item page. Maybe even in the item card. Is there a way to build a form that has all of these multiple pages of questions which show a highlight in the listed items of a board but more details can be found when I click on the lead?

Thank you!

hi @ralphhos

Each detail in the item card will also shows in the table view as a column, until you hide these columns and save that table view as a new view. Wouldn’t that be an option?

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So create each column for each answer. Then hide the columns except for the ones I’d like to see at a glace and all answers will show in the item card? Yes I guess that would work! Thank you!

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