Is all information listed in the column/board visible when a lead is opened?

Are all of the custom items on the board for a single item visible when i open the item?

I am used to “opening” a lead to manage the lead. When I open a lead I would expect all of the board information to be there on the subsequent screen.

I am a new user but also a seasoned CRM user. There is a ton of custom information on the board for a single item which is great. My question is when an item is open the “half screen” - is all of the information from the board available to see/use?

It would be very frustrating if I have to manage an item using two different screens.

Hey @dfurt! :wave:

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “half screen” or whether all fo your information would be visible or not.

If you are creating a brand new item, then unless you have any Item Default Values set or Automations ready to add information when an item is created, then you will need to go through the item and add/edit the information as needed.

As for “half screen”, if you are referring to the option of seeing your other board views in half or full screen mode, then this can be turned on/off inn your Board Views settings! Check out this article for more details: The board views

You can also switch back to your main board view by selecting “Main Table” tab at the top left of your screen as so:

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :slight_smile:


Hey @dfurt,

Welcome to the monday community! We use monday as a CRM as well, and while it can definitley be a bit overwhelming at first, there’s a lot of great features that make it ideal for sales managemnent.

Correct me if I’m wrong but are you referring to trouble seeing all of the columns held on the right side of the screen?

If so, you can definitely access all of them by scrolling to the right by holding Shift + Scrolling Up. (sounds counter intuitive but this is the shortcut for scrolling right)

With this method you will only be able to look at a chunk of you data at at time.

If this doesn’t work for you, you could zoom out but that could be hard to read…

I would recommend adding a card view. This would allow you to overview each item with all of the client’s custom information. Follow the screenshots below to do so:

I hope this helps! If not, give me a little more insight and maybe I can help.

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