Connected Board Widget in Sales CRM

Do we have a way to view mirrored columns in a Connected boards widget in Sales CRM?

Hi there!

Yes, in the Item Card where you see the connected boards widget, there should automatically be a line within the Item Card that shows the Mirrored Columns for that item.

If you’re having difficulty finding it or setting it up, send us (monday :smiling_face:) a DM on any of our social media platforms and we’d be happy to walk you through it!

Thank you for you assistance here.
We have done every step of what you’ve suggested but it still doesn’t show. On the ‘choose columns to display’ option, we cannot click the connected board as it says 'this column is not supported’.
We hope you could help us as this either looks like a bug or a feature that should be considered.


Thanks for raising this issue, we are experiencing the same thing.

@CharlotteK if you could raise this as an issue for urgent attention with your support / dev team, that would be much appreciated.

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