CRM Module Connected Board

Hey there,
I am hoping someone can either point me in the direction or provide some guidance as to how exactly to use/customize/create the new connected board function that is part of the CRM Demo.

I am currently in the process of building my companies own CRM platform now that we have the new module installed and have been surprised to find that there are zero ways (or that i can find) to take advantage of the connected board column featured in the CRM demo.

CRM connected board

Traditional Connected board

(in the demo you can see a preview of some of the data within the connected item.)
as opposed to the standard connected board where it only shows you the item name.

I have run this passed our supplied support and they also do not have an idea where or why this isn’t a new column type or how to activate it.

To cover we have already tried making the fancy connected boards as a template then importing it. but there doesn’t appear to be anyway of customising where the column looks at for information, pretty much making it pointless.

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