Ability on Forms to add images to support the question

Attach upto 5 (or at least 1-2) small images to a question in a form. Images to be displayed with the question.

This give more ability to use the form for training purposes etc.

Hey @Calgat :wave:

If I am understanding your request correctly, adding files to form questions and descriptions is actually possible!

For images, you simply need to write the <img tag in the description (or title/wherever you want) which will link to an external image.

The formatting: add <img src=" at the beginning, then the web address of the image, then "/>.

Example (you can copy this, then just replace the web address in the middle):

It will not show up as an image until you preview it/share it.

For hyperlinks you will need to write in the description with the below format:

"<a href=url>text</a>"

It will not show up as a hyperlink until you preview it/share it.

I hope this helps and do let me know if I’ve misunderstood!

Hi. When I try to do this for a url it redirects to my monday.com home page instead of going to the url. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Hey @kenzi55,

Hmm, is it possible for you to share the formatting you have set up in the form so we can take a closer look? :pray:

I kept working at it and was able to get it to work. Maybe to make this clearer to someone, these notes should be added:

  • You need to include the " at the beginning and end of the formatting

  • where it says url is where your actual url will go. For this example, lets say it is https://myurl

  • Where is says text is where you want the text that is going to be shown as your link to go. For this example, I want it to say “My Link”

So "<a href=url>text</a>" becomes "<a href=https://myurl>My Link</a>"

I was also able to get the images to work. The big thing here is placing your pictures somewhere where you can then get a url that will show. For mine, I put them in Google Photos and copied the image address. So the format for this one is <img src="https://myimageaddress"/>

Again, you need everything inside the <> to be included only substituting https://myimageaddress with your image address. And if using Google Photos, this image address is extremely long.

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Thank you for those comments - really appreciate you clarifying the process further, very helpful for us :pray:

So, yesterday my image was working. Today, it’s broken. Any thoughts on why that would happen?

Hm, we haven’t had any reports made internally. Can you share how it’s broken - is it failing to load/error message appearing? Can you please try in an incognito window? :pray:

We were originally using a jpg that I saved in my Google Photos. That was the link that broke. I had the same image in a Google Form. I used that image address instead and it now works.

Hm okay, thanks for the update! Let me know if you continue to run into issues and we can investigate further :pray: