Ability on Forms to add images to support the question

Attach upto 5 (or at least 1-2) small images to a question in a form. Images to be displayed with the question.

This give more ability to use the form for training purposes etc.

Hey @Calgat :wave:

If I am understanding your request correctly, adding files to form questions and descriptions is actually possible!

For images, you simply need to write the <img tag in the description (or title/wherever you want) which will link to an external image.

The formatting: add <img src=" at the beginning, then the web address of the image, then "/>.

Example (you can copy this, then just replace the web address in the middle):

It will not show up as an image until you preview it/share it.

For hyperlinks you will need to write in the description with the below format:

"<a href=url>text</a>"

It will not show up as a hyperlink until you preview it/share it.

I hope this helps and do let me know if I’ve misunderstood!

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Hi. When I try to do this for a url it redirects to my monday.com home page instead of going to the url. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Hey @kenzi55,

Hmm, is it possible for you to share the formatting you have set up in the form so we can take a closer look? :pray:

I kept working at it and was able to get it to work. Maybe to make this clearer to someone, these notes should be added:

  • You need to include the " at the beginning and end of the formatting

  • where it says url is where your actual url will go. For this example, lets say it is https://myurl

  • Where is says text is where you want the text that is going to be shown as your link to go. For this example, I want it to say “My Link”

So "<a href=url>text</a>" becomes "<a href=https://myurl>My Link</a>"

I was also able to get the images to work. The big thing here is placing your pictures somewhere where you can then get a url that will show. For mine, I put them in Google Photos and copied the image address. So the format for this one is <img src="https://myimageaddress"/>

Again, you need everything inside the <> to be included only substituting https://myimageaddress with your image address. And if using Google Photos, this image address is extremely long.

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Thank you for those comments - really appreciate you clarifying the process further, very helpful for us :pray:

So, yesterday my image was working. Today, it’s broken. Any thoughts on why that would happen?

Hm, we haven’t had any reports made internally. Can you share how it’s broken - is it failing to load/error message appearing? Can you please try in an incognito window? :pray:

We were originally using a jpg that I saved in my Google Photos. That was the link that broke. I had the same image in a Google Form. I used that image address instead and it now works.

Hm okay, thanks for the update! Let me know if you continue to run into issues and we can investigate further :pray:

Hi @kenzi55, i am looking for something similar, but using a pdf image to show they will be opening a pdf file to help with a dropdown choice on a form. i can get either the image or the link to work, but not both. what am i doing incorrectly? link below. i have altered it slightly for security reasons.

“<img src=“https://-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/r/personal/richard_-group_com/Documents/Desktop/OIP%20(1).jpg?csf=1&web=1&e=FlmPM9” a href=https://.sharepoint.com/:b:/r/sites/ContractsManagement/Freigegebene%20Dokumente/General/%20Operational%20Savings%20Report%20v2.1%20(1).pdf?csf=1&web=1&e=I4zlpe”

@BiancaT could you assist with this as well?

Hey Ricard!

Would you be happy to send me a direct message via the community, with a quick video demonstration of the steps you’re taking? It would be helpful to grab some visual context, to better understand what the roadblock might be - would this be okay?

Hi @BiancaT, i have managed to sort the issue, thanks.

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Glad to hear - thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Hey Bianca, this is what shows on my form.

<img src= Lights on.jpg - Google Drive />

Is it the link to the image that isn’t working? I got it by clicking share within google drive. Is there an alternate way to get the link to the image?

Hey Jordan, thanks for flagging!

I’ve investigated this internally ad it appears that to add an image, the image needs to have some sort of file extension for it to display correctly.

At this time I am afraid Sharepoint, Google Drive, and even the platform are not able create the type of extension needed. That said, in our testing, we used the website imgbb.com to generate a link and it seemed to worked.

That said, you’re welcome to research other websites or platforms to help convert this file as well. The image just needs to have a file type (jpeg, png, etc.) and it can not be a direct link.

Hope this helps :pray:

This is what Im seeing when I try this.

It would be great if you all just add a button to attach a photo vs having tio write code for this to happen

Hi Bianca,

Thanks for this insight, do you happen to know how we would be able to format the image to fit the dimensions of a monday form (or just the dimensions of monday workforms would also be appreciated) It seems when we add images that they are cropped/cut off.


Hey Freddie!

Just checking in with our team internally - I will get back to you asap!