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Can you add content only to a form? Not just the description text under a question. Example, I want to put a condition where if they select an option, then text appears that provides information - this would not be an additional question, but content only.

Hey Kim,

You bring up a great idea here! At this time, whilst you can add images to a form, I am afraid this is only possible within a question description and not based on a conditional answer (i.e. it’s not possible to simply display content). I encourage you to submit this as a feature request, as I can certainly see the value of implementing such a feature. I apologise for the setback :pray:

To add images simply include the <img tag in the description (or title or wherever you want) and linking to an external image.

The formatting is: add

Thank you so much for your speedy response. I’ll definitely ask for this as a feature.

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While forms don’t have a built-in conditional content feature, here are a few workarounds to achieve a similar effect.

  • Consider Typeform or Jotform: These form builders offer conditional logic features that allow you to display content based on user choices.
  • Embed the Form: Embed the third-party form into a board to streamline data collection.

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