Conditional logic for form fields

Hi there,

Our team would love to embed some of our boards into our website using the forms functionality.
These forms would essentially be “Contact us” and “Register for our service” forms.

Our current forms that we’d like to replace have some conditional logic in them. ie. the user is asked in the first question if they’re interested in Service A or Service B, and the form adjusts accordingly to show the user subsequent questions related to only Service A or Service B, depending on their answer.

Currently, we have to manually copy/paste our form data into Monday boards, which is inefficient.

Conditional logic would free us up to use the forms functionality, which is currently just a little simplistic for our use case.

Thanks for listening, it’s wonderful to have this forum to add suggestions :slight_smile:



Hey @MarkHHH

Thanks for the suggestion for adding conditional logic to the forms view. We’ll certainly pass this along!

In the meantime, have you tested the Typeform integration we have available?

This might be a better solution for you for the time being and still allow you to automatically bring the info from forms into your monday boards.

Cheers :slight_smile:

+1 for this !
We considered typeform as a substitute but it’s another paid service and it does not support some important types of columns.

Thanks for your reply Julia.

Unfortunately the following question types that we need are not currently supported in the Typeform/ integration: Multiple Choice, Phone, Dropdown.

Thank you for letting us know! We’ll pass this along as possible improvements for the future.

Keep your requests coming!