Rich Formatting for Form Field Descriptions

Native forms do not support rich formatting for field descriptions, i.e. adding line breaks, numbered instructions, bullet points, external links, etc. My form includes instructions for people to submit information for a new customer, including steps that take place outside of, such as creating a folder in our Drive, creating a copy of our install sheet template for the customer, etc. The form is meant to be a one-stop-shop for everything a salesperson needs to do to submit a new customer, but the instructions look clunky without line breaks, and I can’t link directly to the external steps.

Rich formatting for the “Add a Description” option for fields on the Form View would essentially accomplish all of my goals. I could list step-by-step instructions where each number has a new line, add links to steps that take place outside of, and more. I would rather see this feature come to than use an external form with an integration.

+1 on this.
The actual way is un profesional for reporting

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