Conditional logic for form fields

My company could use this as well. My usecase is an internal form that salespeople can use to submit new customers. Depending on whether certain tasks have been completed, what the salesperson needs to submit (and how) could change. For example:

  • If the salesperson has already uploaded a PO to our Drive, then they don’t need to upload it to If they haven’t uploaded a PO to our Drive, then they could upload it to the form, or receive instructions for uploading to Drive.
  • If the salesperson has already scheduled a kickoff call with the customer, then they need to indicate the date and time in the form. If they haven’t scheduled the call, then they could get a message saying something like “No worries! Once an Onboarding Specialist is assigned, they can reach out to the customer to schedule the Kickoff.”

This also ties in to my request for Rich Formatting for Form Field Descriptions. Possibly that could help with MarkHHH’s goal, or vice versa - rich formatting along with conditional logic would make for a very robust form functionality indeed!