Line Breaks on Monday Forms


I’m trying to create a line break in the “Add a Description” field in one of the items I have on a Monday form.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Hey @dbangel21087, at the moment there’s no way to add line breaks to our ‘Add a Description’ fields. Could you let me know why you were looking to do this? Maybe there’s a workaround :blush:

Personally, I would like to use line breaks because my form includes instructions for people to submit information (i.e. submitting a new customer involves multiple steps outside of, such as creating a folder in our Drive with a copy of the customer’s install sheet, etc.). Step-by-step instructions always look better when each number has a new line!

Also, I would like to be able to add links to these descriptions (i.e. to the aforementioned Drive, the template for the install sheet, etc.) so that the form is a one-stop-shop for everything the salesperson needs to do to submit a new customer. Rich formatting for “Add a Description” would essentially accomplish all of my goals.

Hey @mir4bell4 (and @dbangel21087), thanks for the additional detail!

I can definitely understand how it would be super useful to add step-by-step instructions in a line-by-line format and to add links. I’ve gone ahead and submitted this request internally, including some of the details of your use case, and you can also submit here to get more support for the request:

Thanks, I actually did submit this to that forum as well!