JIRA Integration - Description Field Problems

Hi everyone! I’m trying to make the best of the Monday.com JIRA integration but am having trouble with it.

I’ll keep a long story short - our JIRA tickets normally use a template where external teams just fill in the blank. Instead, I’ve setup a Monday.com form instead so that those teams can enter answers into data-validated entry points.

What I’d like to do is use the same template that we normally use in JIRA and just use the Column answers from the form as variables. However, the Description field in Monday.com’s integration automation does not seem to support a “new line” character, so the format of the template looks pretty awful, with no spaces and no formatting.

Does anyone know how to get a more rich and flexible Description field for this intgration?

Here is how I have the integration currently setup (with no ability to add new lines to organize the data):


According to this post Task description this functionality is not possible. Darn it!