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I am new to Monday. I am trying to create a user story. My user story needs to have a ‘Description’ section with a text editor allowing all basic text options (styles, colors, indentations, hyperlinks, tables, etc.) to accommodate the “Definition of Done” part of the user story, as well as other information relevant to the engineers working on it.

I have not found a way to add a “Description” field to an item.

Help is appreciated.


Monday allows you to add a text field to your item, where you can define the “description”. Downside of that option is that it does not support any formatting, just a plain text.

We had a need for this as well, and we created an internal app that gives us a WYSWYG editor to add descriptions. We released it few days ago, you can get it from here: Apps Marketplace

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Have you checked out The Updates Section at all?
You can find this by clicking on the speech bubble next to each item.

Within this you can format your text, add images, upload files, create tables and checklists and much more.
Based on your previous message, it sounds like this could be a good option!

Another solution could be to utilise the monday workdocs.
You can think of the workdoc feature as a flexible, multi-media whiteboard where you and your team can record all notes and ideas related to one central topic.
This will also support all of your needs, as well as letting you pull in board data and widgets.
You can create a doc straight from the Files column to keep it associated with the relevant item:

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