No task / item description, what do you do instead?

Hi - new to and I was very surprised to see there is no such thing as a task / item description which is a basic in all other similar websites.

I did some searching and found only this pretty lowly voted thead in the Submit an Idea forum so it must not that be wanted? Just curious what is everyone else doing instead of a task description or similar? Do you just have no description?

The alternatives seem to be a text column which has no formatting functionality at all or updates. However updates seem to work best for actual updates and can’t be edited by everyone so it doesn’t make sense.

Would like to avoid paying for an app for such basic functionality so please share your workflows and how you manage your tasks in! Maybe I am thinking about it wrong and need to get into the way. Thanks!


Hey @allyssa,

Had you checked out the Apps Marketplace? I ask this as you might find this particular App useful in creating and housing these item descriptions.

Let me know what you think!

Hi thank you for your reply but as I said in my original post, doesn’t make sense to have to pay for such basic functionality. It is a basic thing in every other project task management tool so I thought maybe I was missing something about the way Monday works.


I’m very frustraded. After a lot of days testing Monday for my entire company, we will have to abort the ideia, cause this such basic funcionality. I can’t imagine what your difficulty is, after so many years on the platform and so many users.


@BiancaT I see that there is an Item Description option that is currently in Beta mode. I was going to look into it, but it doesn’t show up as an option in the monday.labs list. Is it possible to be added to the Beta group for Item Description? Also, when will the Item Desctiption be out of Beta?