Item description with markdown

As a project manager from a software development company I would love to have the ability to add descriptions to specific items/tasks (different to updates, since it should be a content easily seen at top I guess). This would help creating specific tasks with complex explanations, images, etc. I don’t think HTML is necessary, but markdown is a very friendly language to write documentation.

If we get to add this plus code linters we are at the other side.


Agreed! I don’t understand why this isn’t already a feature. Most software I’ve used includes room for an item/task description. I would love to see that in Monday with a rich text editor too. This is what I’m used to coming from Wrike & Asana and it’s strange Monday doesn’t have this feature. We now have to add this in a column and the UX of going to view that description each time requires too many clicks, we lose text editing features, and it’s not very usable for the assignees who need to see lots of detailed task information all together at once.

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We had a need for this as well, and we created an internal app that gives us a WYSWYG editor to add descriptions. We released it few days ago, you can get it from here: Apps Marketplace

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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