Item description with markdown

As a project manager from a software development company I would love to have the ability to add descriptions to specific items/tasks (different to updates, since it should be a content easily seen at top I guess). This would help creating specific tasks with complex explanations, images, etc. I don’t think HTML is necessary, but markdown is a very friendly language to write documentation.

If we get to add this plus code linters we are at the other side.


Agreed! I don’t understand why this isn’t already a feature. Most software I’ve used includes room for an item/task description. I would love to see that in Monday with a rich text editor too. This is what I’m used to coming from Wrike & Asana and it’s strange Monday doesn’t have this feature. We now have to add this in a column and the UX of going to view that description each time requires too many clicks, we lose text editing features, and it’s not very usable for the assignees who need to see lots of detailed task information all together at once.

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We had a need for this as well, and we created an internal app that gives us a WYSWYG editor to add descriptions. We released it few days ago, you can get it from here: Apps Marketplace

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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(apologies for reposting a comment from a similar thread, but this is really a critically needed fix)

This feature is Monday’s biggest downside. The text editor has numerous problems, breaks many standard text editing UX conventions (mac / linux shortcuts are treated as if we’re on Windows). It’s tedious, frustrating, and ineffective to use. A simple markdown editor would be wonderful, even just as a new widget we could add separately so you don’t have to migrate anything. There are plenty of great, high quality open source options for this and it really seems like a low effort and super high value task.

I’m close to switching several large organizations from Monday due almost entirely to this feature. We end up writing our descriptions in other apps and pasting into Monday it’s that bad. Please, please fix this.

You have a fantastic product otherwise and this is glaringly out of sync with the quality and thoughtfulness put into pretty much everything else, to the point that it detracts from the perception of everything.

Is your “Text Description” app charged per board? I see it at $3/month, but it looks like I have to select which board I want it for and I’m running hundreds of boards.


Hey Jo,

Our app is $3/mo for the entire account - We do not limit you on the number of boards, or number of descriptions :slight_smile:

As for selecting it to add to each board, that is how handles the 3rd party apps - You need to add it to each board where you want to use it :slight_smile: But, we still charge only $3/mo :slight_smile:


Monday checked all the boxes for a great tool for our company and at first I couldnt believe that this is missing. We need to write a detailed descrition in our tickets! No doc that has to be created, no updates that only the author can edit… just a description field with formatting features to write an elaborated descriptions of hundrets of tickets. that can be part of a form.

This is honestly the reason we might have to go with another tool which is a shame, since monday seems to do a lot of things right.

Can somebody explain what the philosophy of the current solution is… maybe I am missing something?

btw, Its nice, that there exists a solution as an app… but honestly, having to pay for a feature that is fundamental feels just wrong.

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Having an item description would be ideal where anyone can update - The pinned update isn’t great. When someone else needs to update the item description they can’t as they need to leave a comment, then another team member needs to read ALL the updates to understand what’s happening and there can be a miscommunication. When a simple description would do the trick for any team member to read.

We used the card description a lot in Trello before switching to Monday and sad to not see this feature here…

Having a single description where anyone could edit is very helpful when jotting down quick notes about the task, with bullet points etc. Then if a PM, Lead Developer or Key Team member is in a client meeting and a task changes slightly they can just edit the item description ( anyone can edit ) and the whole team can simply read the item description and know what to do.

We use this a lot for retainer clients, mapping out the tasks ahead of time, attach files and descriptions to task for clarity among team members.

Would be amazing if this could be added!