Ability to download file in just 1 click

On the Files tab of an item, it takes 2 clicks to download each file:
1 click on the ellipsis (…) button to open additional options
1 click on the ‘Download File’ option

Those 2 clicks can be tedious. It would be faster and easier if there was a ‘Download File’ button visible on each file (without having to open up the ellipsis button first). Here’s a quick mock-up of what that could look like:

Could something like that be implemented?

Hi @MikeInSaaS!

You can download items with just one click with the help of Attachment Manager. This application allows you to categorize your attachments with custom labels and provides additional filtering capabilities.

Our roadmap includes:

  • grouping files by file extension, assigned labels, upload date, and uploader
  • sorting files by upload date or file name

If you need any help, you can always write to us at team@apmdsoft.com

Andrzej from APMD SOFT

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