Ability to transfer automations/integration/board ownership filtered by workspace (or folder)

Can you update the Transfer Ownership option so it is possible to select a “subset” (ie a particular workspace or folder) where we can transfer ownership of items…
1)we have a number of integrations setup by one person, they have change role within the business or moved to a different team and need to transfer just the items they setup for the old team to someone else.
2) we have a consultant/3rd party create some integrations, they are leaving, and we need to allocate some of the integrations to ownership to different teams… current we cant split the ownership and will have to recreate the items.

hi @MHaigh

Good point to restrict this to specific workspaces. However, please keep in mind that integrations will fail when you transfer ownership. Imaging the integration is with your bank account and you transfer ownership to your co-worker. You don’t want to give the co-worker automatically control over your bank account.