Teams as owners of boards and docs (gradual release) πŸ‘₯

New feature in gradual release: Teams assigned as owners of boards and docs :busts_in_silhouette:

Teams will soon be able to be board owners of boards and docs, making board and doc management more clear, easy, and accessible.

This new improvement also means that in situations where an owner is no longer with the account/company, there is a team of other board owners there to save the day :dizzy:

How do we feel about this update? :wink: :person_shrugging:


Thanks for this new feature it’s something our company will use. Can adding Teams as Board Owners be included in the Create a board from template automation Advanced options. Currently only individuals can be added in the automation. Thanks

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Love this idea! I will take it with the product team and update you when I hear back :rocket:

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Hey @IanHas - thanks for your patience with me!

In some exciting news, our team is currently working on this particular feature… stay tuned for updates in the near future :eyes: :star2:


Glad to hear this, it will be very useful for our Enterprise use, reducing a single point of failure and flexibility for growth and staff changes.

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