Keep Board Subscribers when creating Templated Boards

Hello Monday Community!

I was wondering if it is possible to create a board from a template (template that we have created) and make it keep the same board member owner’s as what the templated board has?

At the moment when I create a board from one of our created templates, it creates the board with only myself as the board members and I have to singly add each member and make them an owner to 12+ boards.

I have made ‘teams’ so I can add multiple people at once however this is not allowing them to add themselves onto the board as an owner and only I can. These boards are on private rather than a main board as they are only for our office team and not the whole team.

Is there anyway for there to be a similar feature for “keep board subscribers” when creating a templated board?

Thank you! :smiling_face:

I have the same request.
I use templates and also even the app feature to create several interconnected boards at once.

But I would like that those boards have a default group added to them instead of having to add them manually every time.

I have the same request for my custom templates, but also extend it out to doc members. Super painful to add the board/doc owners every time I use a template. Would love to have a feature that will give us the ability to "keep board/doc subscribers - when selecting a custom template and before the “use template” button.

I would also love to see this be a feature! We have particular teams and individuals that are created and subscribed for multiple purposes in our template board and having to go back and subscribe everyone is a cumbersome.