New feature release: Teams Content List!


:point_right: The Teams Content List :point_left:

You will now be able to view content that is assigned to each team via the Teams Page. We developed this feature to ensure team members are clear about which teams exist in the platform, and to minimize users accessing the wrong information :no_entry_sign:

:mag_right: It’s important to note that private and shareable boards will only be visible to those who are subscribed to them :mag:

Will you be taking advantage of this new feature? Let us know how in the comments below :point_down:


This is a great feature that simplifies the onboarding process! What would be great is being able to assign teams as board admins. Or better yet, create a new tier of user in between admins and regular users. These super-users could see all the items in a specific board but without the admin privileges. For example, let’s say a board is restricted so only the items assigned to a people person column can view the item. The regular users only see items assigned to them. But a project manager could see all the items, without being an admin and be able to modify the board structure. Managing permissions on a board level is cleaner and easier than having to implement a workaround.