Allow Teams to be Board Owners

We use teams so that when a new employee starts, they can be added to boards that they need quickly. Some of these groups need to be board owners so that they can make changes, but at this time a team cannot be given board ownership. We have over 300 boards that one team has access to, and adding someone manually takes a lot of time.


I’d like to be able to give board ownership to a whole Team. The “crown button” isn’t available when I invite a team to a board and therfore I have to add the team members one by one on a board to give them ownership, which isn’t very efficient given that the team already exists in Monday.

Does anyone else need this? It should be easy to implement I guess.

@Marc1 ive just spent hours added a new member would have been alot simpler if Teams could be board owners.

Just noticed this feature has been released!