Adding a team to a board should automatically add all its subteams as well.

When you have a team divided into several subteams (enterprise feature), one would assume that adding the main team to a board would also add all its subteams. However, it’s not the case. If you want to assign subteams to a task, you first need to add them all individually, which is annoying.

I think it would be a great QoL improvement to automatically add all subteams when adding a parent team. It would save quite many clicks.

Hi Bob! Actually it does happen. Even though the sub teams are not added directly to the board, once you add a parent team the members of all sub teams will get access to the board.

Hi Udi. The thing is that we don’t assign tasks to individual users at our company, we assign tasks to subteams. This way, if someone leaves, it’s super easy for the new employee to pick up the outstanding tasks. Just assign them to the subteam and voila it’s all done. Otherwise we’d have to go through all the tasks of the person who left and reassign them to the new employee. It’s also very useful to set permissions and who can edit what.

With that in mind, just adding the parent team is not enough for us because our tasks are almost always assigned to subteams. So we need more than board members, we need the subteams too. It’s not that big of a deal but it’s just a bit annoying to have to add 9 teams (parent +8sub) instead of only adding the parent and having the subteams follow.

Hi Bob, thanks for clarifying :+1: