We Need a Way to Auto-Assign or Mass Assign Users to Numerous Boards at Once

We just imported hundreds of boards from basecamp. I need a way to assign several users to most of those boards, but there doesn’t appear to be a way other than opening each one and assigning them one at a time (and then they get overwhelmed with notifications). Am I missing it? Is there a way to do this? If not, I think it would be super useful to other people.

Also, when we create new boards, there are a few employees that will most always be assigned to those boards. It would be great to have those be automatically added.

Hey i had the same Problem i have 150 Task in one Board an all needs to be assign by one User.

on the Left side in the Board, is an arrow on the Group section there you can select all items.

then you go to the People Colume and select the Person how needs to assign.

The Person gets Only 1 Email that he is Assign in many task.

Hi Patrick. Thanks! Actually, I just need to get the person added to the board in general to be able to access it. I have so. many that the task seems daunting right now. Going to take some of my paycheck protection money that just rolled in and pay someone on my team overtime to get through these - urghhhhh

That is normally quit easy top right corner there you can change board rights. Set there to available to change all or something like that.
After that invite your team member or your guest.

If you want to block some columns from your guest go to the columns and change columns right.

Is it a team Member you can invite him and give ihm the crown that he is also owner of the board.