Automatically add Board Members?

Hey there!

We are struggling for quite some time with adding people to our newly created boards. We have some automations i.e. boards are created from templates etc. However, all new boards only have one owner - the person who has created the borad (set by the automation.

Therefore we always need to go into the board and manually add new members / owners to the boards.

Is there any way to automate this process and always add a specific team member to all new boards and give them the owner role?

Appreciate your help, guys!


Hi @mrmarge - if you are creating your boards via automation you can set who the board owners and subscribers are by default.

If you are looking for boards to have default owners via ad-hoc creation this is not possible to choose.


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I’m having a similar issue. Board Creation and automatically assign the new board to whomever is in the “Person” field.