Accessing SDK method in workdocs

When I try to access via the SDK in a workdoc, I see the error: “storage command isn’t available or supported for this app feature type”. Is it expected that this is available in workdocs?

I’m using the example from the documentation when trying to get/set the storage key:

Hi @PluginGenie,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We’re looking into this, so I’ll update you on this thread when we have a resolution!

Hi @PluginGenie,

Are you using a doc action feature?

Yes, I’m using the Doc Action feature.

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Hi @rachelatmonday, Any update on it?
I am getting Invalid storage access

Hi @RambabuPatina and @PluginGenie -

We do not yet have documentation as we are in the process of creating it now, but we recently added the ability to use the storage API on a global basis, not just instance.


  • storage.getItem(key)
  • storage.setItem(key)
  • storage.deleteItem(key)


  • storage.instance.getItem(key)
  • storage.instance.setItem(key)
  • storage.instance.deleteItem(key)

Please try using this with your app features, and let us know if you have any other questions!


So, the storage instance does not work? Why is throwing invalid access?


Hi @gorkagallo,

That is correct for apps without instances. The global storage will only work for instance-less features!