Accurately space dates in X axis

I take snapshots of certain values at irregular date spacing. I plot them in a line chart and each snapshot is evenly distributed across the x axis, even though some data points might be 2 months apart and others 2 days apart. This leads to a misleading/inaccurate appearance in the graph.

Can monday add an option like 'X-axis> Space dates accurately" where the X axis reflects the spacing selection (days/weeks/months) and puts the data points at the appropriate location?

For instance, the following data
Dec 12: 5
Dec 13: 6
Jan15: 7
Jan 17: 8

The way a chart currently plots the data, it will look like a perfect upward trend and perfectly straight line, but that is not an accurate visual representation of the significantly reduced increase during the Dec 13 to Jan 15 period.