How to x-axis in a bar graph - even without data

Hi all, I’m hoping to find a way to display a bar graph in a dashboard (X axis = months; Y axis = item count) that includes the months for which a count is zero.
I’m currently pulling monthly data over 12-month period, but I’m missing several months from my graph because some of them have zero data to present.
It’s a pretty standard display for a bar chart, but seemingly much trickier on Monday.
Would really appreciate some help on this one. Thanks!

Hello @traffman ,

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Unless I am missing something, because you are using item count as your Y axis ( the X axis can be groups, status ,or anything), currently on monday the items since they are zero will not show up.

Perhaps it is easy to modify your use case to avoid this issue? Would be glad to try to help with some more information.

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

Hi @GiannisKoukounas thanks for your response. Would definitely like to hear more about your solution.