Add additional content, tags, context to Kanban Board Cards

I love using the KanBan boards, but there’s so little information available to be displayed. Example, I am moving from Wrike and the additional ability to show an item’s tag on the displayed card, is really helpful. Tags or other supporting information help provide much needed context about the actual item without having to dig into the details.

Example from wrike - adding tags makes it much easier to visualize the context of cards.
The additional information includes: tags, priority, due date, assigned-to.


I too submitted this same request. It would make kanban views so much more powerful.

Me too. Just sent them this request to support!

Monday, PLEASE develop this.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I agree this would be very useful :slight_smile: I’ll be sure to pass this along to our team!

Has there been anymore consideration for this feature in the last few months? Just looking for an update…hoping for a roadmap commitment. :wink:

yeah i would love to have more info on the cards. like the color of the group, Due dates, priorities. I want to be able to quickly sort the kanban from the top view and not have to dig in to each pulse to know where it should go.
something like this

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Still waiting for:

  • Priority on cards
  • Progress of sub-items
  • Tags

Essentially at the moment it means you have to be constantly using filters, which is not very efficient, and means people may even choose to just default to list view with filters.

Yes, it would be super powerful if Kanban boards provided additional content. Right now it is limited and very frustration to use as we have to use searches, filters and open many items to get the information we are looking for.

It appears these requests have been out there for awhile. Any progress from Support?

Hi everybody! @Stuart1745, @John_S, @tdurand - You may want to check out our Priority Cards app. It’s quite new in the Marketplace. While it’s not a Kanban board per se, our app does allow you to visualize board data as mini-cards, with a ranking system.

And you can learn more about Priority Cards here: Priority Cards for - Priority Cards for - Polished Geek Documentation

I’d prefer it just was integrated in their Kanban setup.

There is so much whitespace, and it feels a bit unfinished as an epic, to leave the Kanban boards as they are.


Just to note:

  • Progress of sub-items

I no longer use Sub-Items, I just use linked & mirror columns, but it would be great to be able to pick which of the columns you have showing on your kanban cards.


Hey all,

The ability to Zoom in on Kanban cards works great for me, except I would really like to be able to view the sub-items from that view. Currently, clicking sub-items from the card seems to only expand/collapse sub-items on the table.


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