Add more granular permissions OR sub-permissions under @mention/subscribe everyone at account (Admin) - restrict guest communication options

We would like to add more granular permissions (admin) under the Account option “@Mention/Subscribe everyone at account”.

The above is disabled for guests because it would cause all members of staff to be spammed by external users. However, the current option only disables the ability to assign and/or mention everyone on the account OR enterprise level. There are other communication options that we don’t think guests should be able to do.

We would like the ability to distinguish other communication/assignment options for different roles.

For example, we add our team (entire department) to every project board. This is because guests access our boards. Shareable boards are only visible to subscribers/members of that board (including enterprise members). Our staff need access to the board for scrum, support, reporting and general visibility of boarded connected to our portfolio board. Not every team member is an active participant in each project even though they have permission to view each board.

Currently, guests have the ability to mention everyone on the BOARD. This loops in everyone with permission to access the board even if they do not own the board. We’d like to allow internal staff (members) to communicate with all members on the board but not external users (guests).