Add Multiple Users As Assignees from One Automation OR Display Tasks Assigned to a Team a User is a Part of When Using the "Dynamic" Filtering Feature

I’d like the ability to add multiple people to an item from one automation. Currently, if I create the automation below, it will assign one person, assign the next but remove the first, then assign the third but remove the second. I’d like for it to add all 3 people without removing anyone.

I’ve also experimented with the following automation chain but yielded the same results.

I understand the use of Teams, however items assigned to a Team do not currently work with Dynamic Filtering feature of the person column:


With a large team, Dynamic Filtering is a MUST for us. Otherwise, we would have to create SO many different Table views for each user and manually assign the custom filtering conditions to each one and send out a mass message to everyone to mark their view as their default view.

So my feedback is this:
Either adjust the ability of the automation to allow us for adding multiple people with a chain of “Assign Person as Assignee” prompts,
If we use the dynamic view and select a person, it also displays assigned items that are assigned to a Team they are a part of.

If I’m missing something or there is another way to achieve this results, I’m all ears! Thank you.

I really need the dynamic filtering by IF a team member, then can see. Do we know when this will be fixed? It seems buggy. At one point, I was able to get it to do if Team contains Me (dynamic,) but I can’t get it to do that now. Team if IS Me (dynamic) is not working.