Add pictures/ themes to dashboardsda

Add images to your dashboards like you can add videos etc.

Update background themes and customise them for your brand.

Embedding images based on either a picture upload or a URL. Support jpg, png etc. This would let teams have much more personal dashboards and show images relating to sections in the dashboard.

Yes! I am trying to create a marketing report to share with the product owners showing them the various marketing campaigns in market, the results, and selections of the creatives. I would love to be able to just embed an image or a video into the dashboard the same way you can in workdocs!

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Any updates or options on adding photos to dashboard not from a link? OR can we put a monday doc on a dashboard?

This seems like something that should just exist by default. Pretty much any other ‘Dashboard creation’ type of tool would allow for the addition of an image, certain colors, title bars, etc. I would love to have the ability to simply add an image to a Dashboard to make it looks more professional!