Add to conversation when status changes

Is there a way to add a prebuilt message to the conversation when a status changes to something.

In our case, it would be when a designer sets the status to ‘for review’ it would add to the conversation that the job has been sent to ‘Owner’ for sign off.

I can only see the options to send emails whereas we would like to keep the log on Monday.

Hey @streety, good question! I can definitely see why it’d be useful to keep the log on in the updates section. Have you already tried using this automation to achieve what you’re looking for?

This automation will be triggered by a status change and add a comment/update to the conversation section. If you click on the “update” field, you can write what the message would be, noting that the job has been sent, and you can autopopulate who the Owner is who needs to sign off.

Let me know if this helps!