Change Status automatically when typing a certainword in updates/conversations, example: '{status=Approved}'

Being able to change a status automatically when typing a certain word in an update.

We use Monday for product development. When we approve a design, we have to let the supplier know the design was approved by typing: ‘@supplier, the design is approved!’. However, we then still need to change the status of DESIGN to APPROVED manually.

It would be great if we could just type, ‘@supplier, {DESIGN=APPROVED}’ and the status automatically changes. Or another example, ‘@supplier, we like the sample, please be aware of x and be careful with y during production, {SAMPLE=APPROVED}’. The supplier will get the update of the approval, and we don’t have to change it manually.

(I know you can have a notification automation to notify the supplier when the status changes, however, you can’t type any additional information to that status change (like be aware of x & y). Furthermore, everyone can change the status easily and it is very sensitive to errors, when written in the update we can always fall back on that.

Added value:
Saves repetitive manual tasks, and thus time.