Adding a User to a Team from the All Users list?

From the Teams page, why can’t we add a user to a team from the All Users list?

When a user shows “No teams”, it would be nice to select the team they should be in from there. Instead, we have to go to the Team name, then remember who it was that needed to be on the team. If they are already in a team, it does allows us to click to go to the team. Why can’t “No teams” be a link as well?

I have 90 new invites and it’s frustrating to have to go back and forth from the All Users list.

Hey Gerald,

I hear where you’re coming from here. I have reached out to the relevant product team and will update you as to whether we have plans to roll this out in the future :pray:

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Hey Gerald - thanks for your patience!

I have recently heard back from our dedicated product team who clarified, that currently only team owners are allowed to add users to a given team, and as such, we wouldn’t be able to easily govern user additions to a team from the “All users” list - therefor they’re a bit hesitant to roll this out just yet. I hope you can understand. I will be sure to keep you in the loop if anything changes!

Coming from a ServiceNow environment, I don’t understand why an “Administrator” is not a real administrator.