Teams permissions? Does it apply to all Members of that team?

If we give a “Team” permission as Member or Owner, does that give all Members of that team the same permission?

Hey Gerald!

It depends on if this permission is to a workspace or board and whether the users have been explicitly invited to the board or workspace. :blush:

Are you looking to add the team to an item? If so, the users on the team will not all have access to this board (if it’s a private or shareable board) unless they are specifically invited to the boards and have board permissions to see the items.

I hope this helps!

Oh . . . . I’m disappointed.
I was hoping that if we added a Team as a Member or Owner, then everyone on that Team would have Member/Owner permissions.

That way we could simply update the Teams and not have to invite every single User to every single board. Being a Government entity we have a lot of turnover/promotions and this is becoming a full time job.