Adding a User to a Team from the All Users list

From the Teams page, why can’t we add a user to a team from the All Users list?

When a user shows “No teams”, it would be nice to select the team they should be in from there. Instead, we have to go to the Team name, then remember who it was that needed to be on the team.

If they are already in a team, it does allows us to click to go to the team. Why can’t “No teams” be a link as well?

I have 90 new invites and it’s frustrating to have to go back and forth from the All Users list.

Hi Gerald! If you are an admin in the account you can do that from the users page in the admin section. Perhaps it would speed up the process

Yes, I realize that is possible. It would be simple to have the “No Teams” link back to the Teams page so we could select one from there.