Adding column totals to Workload widget (and Excel export)

We’re trying to forecast weekly time needed for all projects using the Workload widget in a Dashboard. The weekly numbers for each person are all visible but I can’t find a way to insert weekly totals for the entire team at the bottom of each week’s column. I’d also like to be able to export those weekly numbers by individual but the Workload export feature only drops the calendar view into the spreadsheet, not the actual weekly hours I see in the widget view. This seems like such a basic feature – am I overlooking an obvious and easy way to implement it?
Thanks in advance,
Joe W.

Hi @jwikert - welcome to the community. While this won’t help with exporting data, you could create a simple bar graph underneath the workload widget and group hours by week by resource.

As for exporting, you could create a custom view on the board to only show the columns you need then export to excel and run some functions there to group properly.

Another option for exporting - Install the monday DEV product trial, this will give you Group By functionality (I have no idea why this is tied to DEV) which you can utilize outside of the DEV product. Then group your board by resource and export. The Group By function appears to stay after the trial has ended for DEV (just don’t remove it). Of course, no guarantees this will always hold true…

Hope this helps!

Thanks Mark. I liked your idea about adding a bar graph below the workload widget but I can’t get the graph widget to see the weekly hours in my main table (which are shown in the workload widget). In fact, it seems like the weekly hours in the workload widget are trapped there as I’m unable to get workload to export. I’ll keep digging around but it seems crazy that these numbers wouldn’t be readily exportable or viewable in another widget.