Adding links to user profile in

Currently, I can see this as my user profile in

I like this, but I’d also like to add, say, links to my GitHub and my StackOverflow profile.

Can I add custom text fields (which I’d use for profile links), which I can name arbitrarily, to my user profile - and if so, how?

Hi dear @sdbbs , Yes from Administration window you have to choose Customization and then click on User profile
From there you can add new custom field

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Many thanks @Vahid:

That sounds great!

Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find an “Administration” window; would you mind posting a screenshot of how it is accessed?

(It is possible I don’t have permissions to access it: in that case, a screenshot would be very useful to send to admins and ask them to add fields)

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Here you go

Let me know if you have any other question

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Excellent, thanks @Vahid - I could find it now and indeed, I do not have access to Administration. I have accepted this as a solution already - but would you mind editing your post and adding a screenshot of how the Customization/User Profile looks like? It would help me immensely when I ask help from admins …

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Of course let’s do it

Thanks @Vahid - but for some reason, I do not see a Customization/User Profile screenshot; maybe it failed to upload?

Yes, sorry

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Many thanks @Vahid - that is great, I can see the screenshot now! I moved the solution to that post, as it is more related to the question as posed. Many thanks again!

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With pleasure dear @sdbbs )) , let me know if you have any other question