How to change the shared link to access the monday form?


Does anyone know if it is possible to change the shared link to access the monday form and create a custom one for my company?

As change this one bellow:


I am also wanting to know how to have a custom URL for our company’s forms as well.

I have the same requirement please. I want to include a link to a Monday form in an article that is going out, so need a simple URL to share.

I have been looking for this requirement. Have you got an update

Hey @taynnavieira @ncastleberry @AndyClayton @Kushals

Nachliel from Easyapps here

You can use URL shorteners like or Free URL Shortener in order to shorten the URL and connect it to your domain.

Regardless, if you are interested in creating styled forms that better match your brand and embed perfectly in you web page you can check out our app Easyform and our extensive documentation site.

You can set up a free demo here or contact us at

Here is an example of our form in action:
main gif easyform

I hope this helps