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Is there a way to customize the link to a form that I am sending so it looks cleaner and more explicit of what the form is?

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You can shorten them with this option but I am not sure there is a way to customize the url.

I would use the shortening link and then type out a title of the form and hyperlink the text to provide a more customized feel.

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@AndreaB you can do this with Monday and

Fillout lets you customize the form link even on the free plan, more info on the Fillout help center (search “Customize form link”) - and integrates natively with

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Hi Adrea

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Yes, you can customize the link to your form by using URL shorteners like Bitly or TinyURL. These tools allow you to create shorter, more readable links that are easier to share. Additionally, you can include keywords related to your form in the link to make it more explicit and descriptive. Here is a authentic website that offers this feature,

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