URL Params to pre-populate form

Have any notice about Pass URL to pre-populate form?
More than one year before was said that will be a great addition.

Hi, thank you for letting me know! This is good news, however we needed a solution a long time ago and have implemented something using Zoho Forms.

We’ll try this out in the future if the need arrises on Monday.com again.

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I’m still hoping to see an update on this request as well.

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I’m completely new to Monday, but come from a web development background. One would think such as simple function would be possible.
In my use case it seems a must: I send a form to a lead/contact, they supply necessary details and I want to store these details on a separate board and link the new entry to the lead/contact.
By simply adding a URL parameter, this could be achieved.

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Any luck with this? I am also hoping to find a solution for this. In my case I want to be able to send a form to gather feedback for a task captured in a board.
With a URL parameter I would be able to add the internal name of the task automatically to the form and then link the answer to the correct task.
Currently I would need to provide the internal task name to the client and hope they add the info to the form with makes for a crappy solution.