Adding text in-between Formula

I have this formula to determine the days between a start and end date. If there is not end date then it will be Today.

How can I add text to it, so the result on the first IF statement is something like “Completed in 2 days” and the second IF statement result is “2 Days Overdue”

ROUNDUP((IF({Completed Date}>"",(DAYS({Completed Date},{Creation Log#Date})),(IF({Completed Date}="",(DAYS(TODAY(NOW()),{Creation Log#Date})),"")))),0)


something like this:

IF({Completed Date}>"",
  "Completed in "& ROUNDUP(DAYS({Completed Date}, {Creation Log#Date}), 0) & " days",
  ROUNDUP(DAYS(TODAY(), {Creation Log#Date}), 0) & " Days Overdue"
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Thank you. Worked perfectly :smiley:

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