Adjusting Width of Card View

Would love to be able to adjust the size of a Card view. Currently, the column names are cut off. We have a board where a Guest User will only need to see one or two items, so it doesn’t look very good when they can’t resize their card.

Yes, it is especially important when you want to display long text or use the long text column, it just cuts it off.


+1 on the card view resize. Critically needed to show data in a cleaner way and there is no other substitute for it as per my last conversation with the monday support team.


Agreed, we have some views that will only have 1-2 items in them as they are filtered by stage and user, it would be great to give that use more screen real estate to view their work. I’ve also asked for the ability to change the layout of the card view like Interface Designer from Airtable.

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